Exterior POV / Born: (W)HERE (3 min 32 sec) on Video / Mixed Media

Exterior POV / Born: (W)HERE - Video / Mixed Media - 3 min 32 sec

Living Recovery [detail] (Columbus Museum of Art) on Mixed Media Painting

Living Recovery [detail] - Mixed Media Painting - Columbus Museum of Art

She Wears It Well  (Exhibit - Pussy Grabs Back) on Installation

She Wears It Well - Installation - Exhibit - Pussy Grabs Back

Converging Boundaries (Cultural Arts Center) on Solo Exhibit

Converging Boundaries - Solo Exhibit - Cultural Arts Center

Interior POV [ room for 3 ] (Cultural Arts Center) on Video / Mixed Media

Interior POV [ room for 3 ] - Video / Mixed Media - Cultural Arts Center

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Artist Statement - NEW WORKS - 2017

Perception is reality. I am fascinated by how people gather fragments of what they decide is true and important — memory, stories, cultural influences, experiences, ideas and beliefs — and shape them into personal world views.

I use mixed media and motion to explore the subjective nature of perception, and express the tension between the material and the intangible. Taking fragments of the external world, I merge and layer them to capture visions of morphing inner realities.

Current affairs have been increasingly invading my attention, and I have felt driven to use my expressive tools to explore my fascination, attraction and repulsion to events beyond my control. While having my own biases, I am intrigued by how what we already believe colors and filters our view of reality. What is real, what is true, is increasingly fluid and ephemerial. This lack of solidity is fascinating and unsettling, and I watch, interact, and react, recreating my own world view.

I am driven to explore and celebrate the acts of choice and belief that form each of our changing realities — through sharing my own.

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  1. In the Studio

Posted OCT 12, 2017

I’m building a circular ambient light projection screen to show new moving image work at two local venues, more details soon!

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