Exterior POV / Born: (W)HERE (3 min 32 sec) on Video / Mixed Media

Exterior POV / Born: (W)HERE - Video / Mixed Media - 3 min 32 sec

Just Sins Series (7 Modular Works) on Mixed Media Painting

Just Sins Series - Mixed Media Painting - 7 Modular Works

Leaving the Nest [detail] (McConnell Arts Center) on Mixed Media Painting

Leaving the Nest [detail] - Mixed Media Painting - McConnell Arts Center

you|me: WE (Women On Women) on Video Installation

you|me: WE - Video Installation - Women On Women

Converging Boundaries (Cultural Arts Center) on Solo Exhibit

Converging Boundaries - Solo Exhibit - Cultural Arts Center

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Artist Statement - NEW WORKS - 2017

I am fascinated by how people create their own worlds. Challenging assumptions of an objective reality, I use mixed media and video collage to explore the construction process of perception. I create complex non-linear narratives to communicate the fullness of human experience.

My work explores identity, desire and inequity within our contemporary context. What do we want, and who are we, really? I am interested in the amalgamation of who we think we are, how we decide what is real and important, and our yearning to connect and engage with our worlds.

My process begins with a question to explore, a concept to communicate, or a feeling to express. I dissect cultural influences, beliefs and bias, playing nostalgia against cultural critique. I use collage techniques – cutting, tearing, masking, juxtaposition and synthesis – with filters of distortion to reveal meaning and underlying interconnections. Recognizable elements surface, then submerge in abstraction, suggesting the fluid interplay of thought, sensation, emotion, and memory.

The modular mixed media works use visual elements to bridge boundaries on all sides. Reconfiguration offers choices in how a work is experienced, inviting viewers to become participants, and demonstrating that there are multiple ways to see reality. The moving image work extends my mixed media approach to video, showing different influences and vantage points simultaneously combined with non-linear representations of time.

By connecting with recognizable elements in the work, then exploring non-linear connections building from those elements, people can loosen the restrictions of their assumptions to create a reorientation in how they see their worlds.

Re-contextualizing the familiar, my work offers the opportunity to re-engage with the world with a shifted perspective. Whether a video installation, a mixed media piece, or a drawing, I want to inspire people to reevaluate what they perceive as important, and question what is true.

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  1. In the Studio

Posted JAN 02, 2018

I’m excited to have 2 moving image works accepted in the Jan. 19 Columbus Moving Image Art Review! Looking forward to seeing the works on the BIG SCREEN at OSU!

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