Just Envy (Horizontal) on Modular Mixed Media

Just Envy - Modular Mixed Media - Horizontal

Just Envy (Square) on Modular Mixed Media

Just Envy - Modular Mixed Media - Square

Converging Boundaries (Cultural Arts Center) on Solo Exhibit

Converging Boundaries - Solo Exhibit - Cultural Arts Center

Work2Play (COSI Columbus OH) on GCAC CAP Award Winner

Work2Play - GCAC CAP Award Winner - COSI Columbus OH

Interior POV [ room for 3 ] (Outside / Inside Exhibit) on Motion Mixed Media

Interior POV [ room for 3 ] - Motion Mixed Media - Outside / Inside Exhibit

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Artist Statement - NEW MIXED MEDIA WORKS - 2017

I use mixed media and motion to explore the subjective nature of perception, and express the tension between the material and the intangible. Taking fragments of the external world, I merge them to capture visions of morphing inner realities.

Perception is reality. I am fascinated how people gather fragments of what they decide are true and important—memory, stories, cultural influences, experiences, ideas and beliefs— and shape them into personal worldviews.

Beyond conscious, cognitive connections, the intangibility of feelings re-colors my worldview. Starting with a single moment, evolving over days and years, emotions take the shape of both the subtle and the dramatic. I am driven to explore and celebrate the acts of choice and belief that form each of our changing realities — through sharing my own.

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  1. In the Studio

Posted MAY 12, 2017

I’m looking forward to seeing the Venice Biennale in Italy next week! After dreaming of visiting this city with streets of water, and historical magic, I’m looking forward to being inspired by artists’ work from around the world.

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