A universal theme: “Just Sins”

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I just finished my first multi-piece wall installation based on the classic 7 Deadly Sins: Lust, Sloth, Gluttony, Greed, Envy, Wrath, and Pride. I was asked to be in the Collage 2015 group exhibit by N. Penney Denning, another artist whom I respect, and wanted to create a small cohesive body of work with only 6-10 pieces that would hold together, and have each piece work on their own.

After researching other artists’ approaches on this topic (many using scantily-clad women), the idea of a taking a more personal approach formed. Since the battle to be my best self is WITH myself, the idea came to create environments for my own hands to be the characters in each of the seven “Just Sins” dramas. For example, one of my personal issues with Pride is it acts both as a positive motivator and gets in the way of doing authentic work. If I am working toward a goal of external praise, it throws off my creative center of gravity to OUTSIDE myself. So the idea of using an artificial metallic hand to extend my natural reach came.

Tacocat Dec. 4 > Creative Arts of Women Group Show

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WomanAs_CAW_Dec2014_600 I’m excited about making new work for the upcoming exhibit with Creative Arts of Women, presented by The Women’s Fund of Central Ohio, to be held at Tacocat Cooperative in Grandview. The theme is one that deeply fascinates me, “Woman as ______.”

A couple years ago, McDonalds was giving away career-oriented Barbies, a series called “I can be…” that I found both so interesting and disturbing that I ended up collection the entire set of eight, even resorting to eBay to get the last 3! The saddest element to me was the photo of a beautiful black girl, about ten, looking up dreamily at an image of blond, white Barbie as the ideal. Not a new image, but still disturbing. I’m looking forward to digging deep with the upcoming work.

Partnering with Eric Rausch, curator

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I met two weeks ago with Eric Rausch, to review work completed and in-progress for my upcoming show at the Cultural Arts Center. This is my first show experience, using a curator as a partner. It was an affirmative experience, and fabulous to get an invested, yet objective point of view from Eric on the gestalt of the show. Together, we decided on the installation elements, which will connect the “converging boundaries.” It’s an element that I have been using in my latest mixed media works to represent the interconnections of influences, both inside and outside ourselves, that we string together to make the chain of our life’s moments.

The opening reception of “Converging Boundaries: New Mixed Media Works by Christine Guillot Ryan / curated by Eric Rausch” will be Friday, September 5, from 5:30pm to 8:30pm.

Daily Series: One 6 x 6 inch piece per day

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Since December 1, 2013, I have been doing a daily series of one piece per day. I have admired other artists who have set up a daily practice discipline, and have been fascinated by the continuity and change in style, color, and content over time. So I decided to create a piece a day, like a visual diary. I have learned much about moving through resistance to the other side, and observed what is easy and challenging. The small 6 x 6 inch size feels good, small enough to be doable, but large enough to explore different ideas. My self-imposed rule is I can get a day ahead (with a diptych) but not a day behind. 

I will exhibit many at my upcoming show this September, creating a visual creative path through nine months, or about the time of a human gestation.


June 23-27 Mixed Media Workshop

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I’m excited about teaching a 1-week workshop at the Cultural Arts Center in June. It will be an immersive experience, with demos of many different techniques and support to carry pieces from beginning experimentation and concept, through the “messy middle,” to resolution.

Workshop Description PDF

Workshop Info & Reservations, Cultural Arts Center

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Posted MAY 12, 2017

I’m looking forward to seeing the Venice Biennale in Italy next week! After dreaming of visiting this city with streets of water, and historical magic, I’m looking forward to being inspired by artists’ work from around the world.

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“Happy Together”

POSTED APR 14, 2014


The Cultural Arts Center hosts “Happy Together,” an exhibition on the nature of love and relationships, curated by Adam Brouillette and Meghan Kwast. 50 invited artists exhibit work created especially for the event and theme. Reception May 24, 2014, Saturday 6-11 pm…  [EXHIBIT INFO]