“Converging Boundaries” is a Massive, Must-See Exhibit

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By Jesse Tigges
From the September 4, 2014 edition

This is a busy weekend for the arts in Columbus, with Gallery Hop and a handful of enticing exhibit openings. One opening reception that everyone should make an effort to visit is Christine Guillot Ryan’s “Converging Boundaries” at the Cultural Arts Center. Guillot Ryan’s latest mixed-media works are big — in terms of size, numbers and thought. The exhibition features 150 of Guillot Ryan’s diptych works. Some are tile-sized, while others are as big as walls.

Where this collection truly excels — with no short shrift to its aesthetic appeal — is how the artist created each piece and what is being explored. Guillot Ryan is capturing the ephemerality of imagination while layering in imagery of the everyday world. And here’s the kicker, Guillot Ryan’s two-piece works can be oriented next to each other in any way, with the individual canvases still working as a pair but creating an entirely different vision.

CULTURAL ARTS CENTER > Sept 5 – Oct 4 2014
139 W. Main St. Columbus OH 43215  |  CulturalArtsCenterOnline.org
MON 1-4pm & 7-10pm  |  TUES-THURS 9am-4pm & 7-10pm  |  FRI-SAT 9am-4pm

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