Sharing the “Unsayable”

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I was at the McConnell Arts Center yesterday meeting film/video artist and painter Andrew Ina, and as I was adding more magnets to the exhibit’s Modular Art Magnet walls, a gallery visitor walked in. I stayed silent and still, watching her experience the exhibit. She slowly circled the walls, coming to a stop at several pieces, in particular “Amber Waves” and “Leaving the Nest.”

I saw her look at the title labels, and details, and thought about the importance of titles, how they give a verbal entrance to understanding the artist’s point of view. But most of all, I felt joyful, that all the thought and time and pausing and stopping and starting had resulted in pieces that stood alone, apart from me, speaking to someone I may never talk to, in a way that words could not. I feel grateful to be able to make art for more than just myself, for me it is about sharing the unsayable.

  1. In the Studio

Posted NOV 12, 2017

I’m working on a video documentation of the “you|me: WE” video installation: combining a circular ambient light projection screen with a floor-standing monitor.

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“Happy Together”

POSTED APR 14, 2014


The Cultural Arts Center hosts “Happy Together,” an exhibition on the nature of love and relationships, curated by Adam Brouillette and Meghan Kwast. 50 invited artists exhibit work created especially for the event and theme. Reception May 24, 2014, Saturday 6-11 pm…  [EXHIBIT INFO]