Collage Mixed Media Painting Workshop

Posted May 20, 2013Tagged

I’m enjoying teaching the second “Explore Mixed Media Collage Painting” workshop at McConnell Arts Center. We met for six Sundays, from 2-5pm, from April 14 through May 19, 2013. The workshop demos built from each week, showing how a piece can be created starting from background, to midground, to foregrounds and finishing.


DEMOS from Weeks 1 – 3: Example working process, layering from backgrounds to midgrounds to foregrounds


Workshop Handouts to View / Download
Click on the titles below to view and print the handouts:

Workshop Overview  Description + Weekly Topics
Resources  Design Basics, Color, Copyright Issues (updated), Imagery Sources
Week 1  Topics + Demo
Week 2 Composition Basics, Topics + Demo
Week 3  Art/Design Principles, Working Process, Finishing, Topics + Demo
Week 4/5  Image Transfers,Tracing Paper Layering, Techniques/Materials + Demos
Week 6  Finishing Techniques, Integrating Imagery and Paint + Demo

  1. In the Studio

Posted NOV 12, 2017

I’m working on a video documentation of the “you|me: WE” video installation: combining a circular ambient light projection screen with a floor-standing monitor.

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“Happy Together”

POSTED APR 14, 2014


The Cultural Arts Center hosts “Happy Together,” an exhibition on the nature of love and relationships, curated by Adam Brouillette and Meghan Kwast. 50 invited artists exhibit work created especially for the event and theme. Reception May 24, 2014, Saturday 6-11 pm…  [EXHIBIT INFO]