Connecting with FB 614 Artists @ 2nd Chalk the Block

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[Detail from 2013 Chalk the Block chalk work]
Last Saturday was my second Chalk the block experience, doing a large, temporary work in one day, in public. I was more relaxed this year, and allowed the composition of the piece to build more intuitively, and focused on enjoying the process. This year, I knew many more of the other artists since I have been active in “Art and Artists of 614,” a Facebook group started by Walter Hermann this year. I really enjoyed capturing my favorite of the other artists’ work and sharing the photos in the Group Facebook Page. 

It was great to meet in-person other artists who I knew through their posts and profile picture. I had an interesting conversation when meeting another FB 614 artist for the first time. He did not realize I was an artist, because I shared so many other artists’ work on the Art and Artists FB page. I told him that at my last show opening reception, that I didn’t have many photos of the event, and wished I had more. So I decided to photograph other artists’ events and promote them, so they would not have the experience I had!

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Posted JAN 02, 2018

I’m excited to have 2 moving image works accepted in the Jan. 19 Columbus Moving Image Art Review! Looking forward to seeing the works on the BIG SCREEN at OSU!

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