Vicki Oster’s Blog Article – Sept. 8, 2014

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Vicki Oster’s Full Blog Article / Interview

I usually try to post interviews about an artist prior to his/her opening reception if possible (or if their interview coincides with a solo show, etc.).  However, last week was crazy busy for me and there was soooo much going on that I didn’t get this lovely lady’s interview posted before her opening reception at Columbus Cultural Arts Center last Friday.  My apologies to Christine but her show will continue through October 4th so you can still catch her solo show.  And a gorgeous one it is!!!



GuillotRyan_press_AshleyPierce_EmptyButFullI was lucky enough to fit all three ladies’ openings (Ashley Pierce at Lindsay Gallery, Stephanie Rond at Shot Tower Gallery and Christine’s show) on Friday.  Matter of fact, I just got to the Arts Center as Christine was headed out the door to Stephanie’s show but she was gracious enough to walk Ron and me into the Center so we could quickly glimpse her mixed media pieces…WOOT!  OMG…her work is beyond words!  I’ll let her and the pics speak for themselves!

TOP: Stephanie Rond + Christine Guillot Ryan, Todd Camp’s painting
LEFT: Ashley Pierce + Christine Guillot Ryan, Ashley Pierce’s “Empty But Full”

Vicki Oster’s Full Blog Article / Interview

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