New working process for Tacocat / CAW show

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I decided to try something new for me for my contribution to the Creative Arts of Women “Woman as ______” group art mosaic. Starting with one of my favorites from my modular Daily Series that I created by hand with spray paint and objects, I added other elements I had created digitally that hadn’t found a home in a piece yet on my laptop. I printed it with archival pigment printer and mounted it to my 10-inch wood panels. It was a fun combination of analog and digital working processes, and I’m excited about trying more mixing up working patterns.The left is “Woman as Seeker” and the right is “Woman as Shaper,” that we have a part in what we take in from the world to create our own realities.

  1. In the Studio

Posted JAN 02, 2018

I’m excited to have 2 moving image works accepted in the Jan. 19 Columbus Moving Image Art Review! Looking forward to seeing the works on the BIG SCREEN at OSU!

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