Transitions in Focus

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CAW_Remnants_SetUp_GuillotRyan[ Photo by Caroline Kraus ]  

Some artists have a hard time starting, some have a hard time finishing. I’m the former, loving the excitement of the blank canvas, or rough doodle or iPhone note. The same goes for an exhibit, I love the anticipation of a new space, and also grieve the end of a show. Sometimes taking down a show seems like dismembering a baby. I’ve talked to some of my artist friends about this process, the “Letting Go” step. Some artists keep a steady stream of show commitments, so there is no time in the middle.

GuillotRyan_Remnants_TakeDown_2015 After the take down on Monday of the CAW Remnants show, I was feeling particularly melancholy: the OSU Urban Arts Space was a fabulous venue, and I was able for the first time to exhibit my largest works: “Letting Go” in its horizontal configuration: twelve feet long, and some of my hanging installation “Interconnecting All.” I was planning on doing what Leah Wong suggested: putting all the work facing the wall, to have freedom to go forward, but I was asked to show at the High Road Gallery in Worthington, the opposite venue in many ways from the UAS: an intimate setting where smaller works will shine. So, this Sunday I am setting up for “Pieces of PARTS,” my title for this exhibit, since it will have works from several bodies of work, including digital mixed media, which is a newer direction for me, that I want to pursue into video, and create “Moving Paintings.” Transitions in Focus: hard and exciting.

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Posted JAN 02, 2018

I’m excited to have 2 moving image works accepted in the Jan. 19 Columbus Moving Image Art Review! Looking forward to seeing the works on the BIG SCREEN at OSU!

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