Transitions in Focus

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CAW_Remnants_SetUp_GuillotRyan[ Photo by Caroline Kraus ]  

Some artists have a hard time starting, some have a hard time finishing. I’m the former, loving the excitement of the blank canvas, or rough doodle or iPhone note. The same goes for an exhibit, I love the anticipation of a new space, and also grieve the end of a show. Sometimes taking down a show seems like dismembering a baby. I’ve talked to some of my artist friends about this process, the “Letting Go” step. Some artists keep a steady stream of show commitments, so there is no time in the middle.

GuillotRyan_Remnants_TakeDown_2015 After the take down on Monday of the CAW Remnants show, I was feeling particularly melancholy: the OSU Urban Arts Space was a fabulous venue, and I was able for the first time to exhibit my largest works: “Letting Go” in its horizontal configuration: twelve feet long, and some of my hanging installation “Interconnecting All.” I was planning on doing what Leah Wong suggested: putting all the work facing the wall, to have freedom to go forward, but I was asked to show at the High Road Gallery in Worthington, the opposite venue in many ways from the UAS: an intimate setting where smaller works will shine. So, this Sunday I am setting up for “Pieces of PARTS,” my title for this exhibit, since it will have works from several bodies of work, including digital mixed media, which is a newer direction for me, that I want to pursue into video, and create “Moving Paintings.” Transitions in Focus: hard and exciting.

  1. In the Studio

Posted NOV 12, 2017

I’m working on a video documentation of the “you|me: WE” video installation: combining a circular ambient light projection screen with a floor-standing monitor.

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“Happy Together”

POSTED APR 14, 2014


The Cultural Arts Center hosts “Happy Together,” an exhibition on the nature of love and relationships, curated by Adam Brouillette and Meghan Kwast. 50 invited artists exhibit work created especially for the event and theme. Reception May 24, 2014, Saturday 6-11 pm…  [EXHIBIT INFO]